Daisy Red Ryder Rifle 4.5mm BB

Daisy Red Ryder Rifle 4.5mm BB

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This spring powered air rifle captures the spirit of the old west with its underlever action.

The Red Ryder shoots 4.5mm BB's with high accuracy making them ideal for targets and general garden plinking. The rifle comes equipped with front and rear iron sights to enable precision accuracy and is spring powered, so no need to buy any external gas canisters.

The stock is made from real wood and richly stained for a great finish. The rifle is made to very high standard considering the price and makes an ideal gift for younger shooters.


  • Barrel Length : 10.85"
  • Overall Length : 35.4"
  • Barrel : Smooth bore
  • Trigger : Single-stage
  • Action : Lever-action
  • Safety : Manual
  • Function : Repeater
  • Weight : 2.2 lbs